These were few of the roses i got from the gang for my bday. ❤️ too pretty not to keep. Surprisingly, they became prettier when they wilt.


Hi! It has been so long.

Planning to switch back to tumblr bec 1) blogger app for ios SUCKS BIG TIME 2) yup thats basically it
When will they update the freaking app!!!!!!!!

Just searching for tools to import posts from blogger to tumblr then im good to go!
But idk man, i feel like im gonna regret this in the future. SEE MY PROBLEM HERE (no not exactly) idk man, just idk

I am inconsistent, my entire life is inconsistent AND I CAN never be contented with anything #suddenrealizations #oppppp


what is the point of relationships anyway

Aaahhhhhh 😍😍😍 (photos from shande ❤️)



Happy 4th Anniversary, CdoKada! #cdokada4thanniversary

I ❤️ sunsets

Today at House A #vscocam


I could stare at this forever ☁️🌞🌊🌊🌊

Shande’s sunglasses are da bomb 💗💣 + Dave forever panira 😓😝 hihi ola betchez